How to Make the Perfect Authentic Traditional Greek Coffee

      greekcoffeeThings you will need:

      • One flidzáni, i.e. a demitasse or small coffee cup (60-90 mL)
      • One briki (aka ibrik, cezve), i.e. a small metal coffee pot
      • Cold water
      • High quality Greek freshly ground coffee
      • A gas stove or a portable camping gas stove
      • Sugar (optional)


      1. Fill the flidzáni with cold water and pour the measured amount into the briki.
      2. If you want to add sugar, place briki with water over gas stove on low heat and add it now (1/4 – 1 teaspoon), stirring constantly until dissolved. Remove from heat. Skip this step if you like your coffee black.
      3. Add one heaping teaspoon of the freshly ground Greek coffee and mix until no lumps are visible, but not too much.
      4. Return to low heat on the gas stove.
      5. Heat gently until a ring of foam (known as the kaimaki) forms on the surface.
      6. Remove immediately from heat and allow to cool for a second. Place back on stove and remove immediately. Repeat this step one more time.
      7. Make sure you remove the briki from the heat before the foam ring closes completely. Pour slowly into flidzáni and serve with homemade cookies or spoon sweets (glykó tou koutalioú) and a glass of cold water.
      8. Enjoy!


    • Do not drink the sandy coffee grounds at the bottom of your flidzáni!
    • Do not stir coffee while heating, as this will inhibit the kaimaki from forming!

Vegan Jamaican Vegetable Patties

These authentic tasting Jamaican patties are 100% vegan, spicy and delicious.  I first tried these on a trip to Jamaica in 2008 and  I can guarantee that this recipe will result in the traditional and genuine taste I so enjoyed back then.  They have the classic yellow colour thanks to the turmeric as well as the flaky consistency thanks to the coconut oil. Continue reading