Capital Letters – “Wolverhampton” (Full Album HD Audio)

wolverhamptonThe legendary, yet more obscure than Aswad or Steel Pulse, UK Jamaican Reggae band is back with a brand new album.  All the tunes are instant classics, more than worth a listen… Nuff said!


Fi Di Youth Dem

Two all new motivational roots reggae tunes caught my attention today: “Get It In Your Head” by Jamaican singers Exco Levi and Romain Virgo and “Generation” by UK / Jamaican MC, Gappy Ranks.  Romain Virgo’s and Exco Levi’s track is a reminder of how important knowledge and education are, while Gappy Ranks tells the story of how he grew as an artist and how he never gave up trying to reach his goals.  Both tracks have that oldschool roots reggae feel; “Generation” is in fact off the upcoming “Old Fashion Riddim” by Kemar “Flava” McGregor, which is a tweaked rendition of the classic “Ba Ba Boom Riddim” aka “Shine & Criss Riddim”.  “Get it in Your Head” is off Exco Levi’s new album “Country Man”, produced by Penthouse Records. Get Your Education and remember Knowledge is Power!


2 Brand New Original & Amazing Reggae Music Videos recommended by rootsnwingz

These two excellent videos were an impressive and wonderful way for Midnite and Chronixx with Inner Circle to kick off 2015.  Roots & Culture Everytime!

Midnite x I Grade – “Credited” (Official Music Video January 2015 – Directed By Royal Ras Productions)

The music video for “Credited”, off Midnite’s new I-Grade produced album, “Ride Tru”, was filmed at Mount Victory Camp, St. Croix and was directed by Birhan Tonge of Royal Ras Productions, a NYC-based film company that has previously collaborated on film projects with both Buss Pipe Records and I Grade Records. The innovative music video for “Credited” utilizes the original artwork created at the scene of the filming by artists Marcus Wilson and Omar Boothman. Marcus Wilson is the official Midnite artist who has painted the vast majority of Midnite’s 52 album covers.

“Credited” (V. Benjamin, L. Alfred, D. Goldfine)
Lyrics and vocal melodies by Vaughn Andre Benjamin (BMI)
Song Produced by: Zion I Kings
Drums, Percussion: Lloyd “Junior” Richards
Bass, Percussion: David “JAH David” Goldfine
Keyboards, Melodica & Guitars: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred
Lead Guitar: Padraic Coursey
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred at Aqua Sounds Studio, STX

Credited Music Video
Directed, filmed & edited by: Birhan Tonge
Additional camera work by: Ajani Clunie, Josiah Winans
& Paul Cusin
Original artwork: by Marcus Wilson & Omar Boothman
Produced by: Royal Ras Productions & I Grade Records

Inner Circle featuring Chronixx & Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard / News Carryin’ Dread [Full Movie Version](January 2015)

Video directed by Gil Green & Damian Fyffe
Label: Soundbwoy Entertainment

“Mutiny” – Winston “Niney” Holness aka Niney the Observer (1978) / Produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry & Hopeton “Scientist” Brown (High Quality Vinyl Sound)

Listen to this rare high quality roots reggae tune from the late 1970s.  Conscious lyrics and a militant message reflecting the political turmoil and confusion of the time. Classic Sly Dunbar on the drums! A serious ting…

“Unemployment” – Twinkle Brothers, with full lyrics by rootsnwingz

One of my most beloved Jamaican UK produced roots reggae pieces, the deeply meaningful “Unemployment”, remains as relevant as it was upon its release in 1984.  I could not find the lyrics anywhere, so I transcribed them myself.  The lyrics are an original rootsnwingz online exclusive, you won’t find them anywhere else on the web! Watch this insightful and cleverly made unofficial video and read and share the full lyrics below.

Full lyrics by rootsnwingz:

“Unemployment” – Twinkle Brothers
Album: Burden Bearer (1984)


Time hard sir
But it gettin harder
Devaluation of the dollar make cost a living get higher

Today you live like a king sir
Tomorrow you beg like a pauper (x2)

Time hard sir
A so it rough sir
5 out of 10 nah work sir
Talkin about unemployment sir

Today you drink wine like a water
Mind tomorrow you drink but a wata
Today you drink wine like a water
Tomorrow you drink but a wata

Time hard sir
A so it rough sir
Devaluation of the dollar make prices get higher
Let me tell you time hard sir
A so it rough sir

Today you live like a king sir
Tomorrow you beg like a pauper (x2)

Time hard sir
A so it rough sir
5 out of 10 nah work sir
Talkin about unemployment sir
Time hard sir
A so it rough sir

Today you drink wine like water
Mind tomorrow you drink but a wata
Today you drink wine like water
Tomorrow you drink but a wata

Time hard sir
A so it rough sir
Devaluation of the dollar, prices get higher

Time hard sir
But it gettin harder
Tell you time rough sir
Talking about unemployment sir

Time hard sir
I say time rough sir
Devaluation of the dollar make prices get higher

Me tell you time rough sir
A so it tough sir
5 out of 10 nah work sir
Talkin about unemployment sir
Me tell you time hard sir

rootsnwingz presents new artists: Omari Banks

omari banks
Omari Banks, born Omari Ahmed Clement Banks, is a reggae musician from Anguilla. Son of the respected reggae artist, Bankie Banx, Omari was mentored from a young boy by artists like Cat Coore, Junior Jazz, Benjy Myaz and many others. Interestingly enough, Omari is a former cricketer, a great athlete, who however recently retired in 2012 to focus on his music. Watch his new official music video, featuring Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage, “No point to prove”. The video was shot in Kingston, Jamaica by Big Banko Music with Keynote Records and officially released two days ago! The single is entirely written and produced by Omari Banks himself. An amazing voice and songwriter; a true international reggae artist, the future seems bright for Omari Banks.

Check out more info and music by Omari Banks at

House of Riddim meets L.U.S.T – Mama Africa (New November 2014)

Austrian roots reggae producers House of Riddim present “Mama Africa”, by L.U.S.T, the reggae group composed by legendary Jamaican singers Singing Melody, Lukie D, Thriller U, and Tony Curtis. Sweet and positive vibes with a serious contemporary and relevant message, this is a powerful piece delivered excellently by L.U.S.T and their beautiful vocals. The song is a warning to all people to stop ignoring the poverty, corruption, disease and injustice in Africa today and a cry for unity, equal rights, justice and peace. Listen here for free:

Gentleman ft. Marlon Roudette – “Big City Life” (MTV Unplugged)

German reggae singer Gentleman and British / Vincentian Marlon Roudette of Mattafix sing the 2005 hit song “Big City Life” by Mattafix on MTV Unplugged. Amazing version of a timeless song performed by a full string and wind instrument orchestra, featuring the legendary Dean Fraser on the sax. A big collaboration!

Check it out here:

Joseph Hill, Culture interview, West Indian World Newspaper, 1982

Yesterday I wrote a bit on Joseph “Culture” Hill and his son Kenyatta. Here’s an awesome, rare interview with Joseph Hill in 1982 I just found on the midnightraver blog!

Midnight Raver

Give thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Peter van Arnhem for this most crucial contribution.

The article finds Joseph Hill in London in September 1982. Joseph talks about the split in the group, about the death of Bob Marley, about the song “Tribute to the O.M.” (album Lion Rock) and about Rasta.

After the album Lion Rock 4 years went by before Joseph Hill reunited with original members Kenneth Dayes and Albert Walker and recorded the album Çulture in Culture.

culture article

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Christos DC – Ο νέος Ελληνοαμερικάνος Reggae μουσικός !

Ο Ελληνοαμερικάνος μουσικός Christos DC, γεννημένος Christopher Vrenios (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΦΟΡΟΣ ΒΡΕΝΙΟΣ), γεννήθηκε και μεγάλωσε στην Ουάσινγκτον, Π.Κ. με γονείς που τραγουδούσαν όπερα και που δίδασκαν φωνητική επαγγελματικά. Το καλλιτενικό του όνομα, Christos DC, προέρχεται από το ψευδώνυμο που του έδωσε η γιαγιά του, αλλά επίσης αντιπροσωπεύει τη γεννέτηρα πόλη του, όπου ξεκίνησε το μουσικό του ταξίδι.

Ο ήχος του μπορεί να περιγραφθεί ως ένας πετυχημένος συνδυασμός Downtempo και Reggae μουσικής με επιρροές από τη Jazz. Η καριέρα του ξεκίνησε στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 1990 παράγωντας κομμάτια hip hop και r&b με ανεξάρτητους καλλιτέχνες από τη Ουάσινγτον και τη Νέα Υόρκη. Η αγάπη του και εκτίμηση για τη μουσική του Κίνγκστον, Τζαμάικα, τον οδήγησαν να ηχογραφήσει κομμάτια με τους θρυλικούς μουσικούς και παραγωγούς, Sly και Robbie, αλλά και με το Firehouse Crew.

Έπειτα έκανε περιοδεία με τον καταπληκτικό τραγουδιστή Don Carlos, της μπάντας Black Uhuru, και τους The Itals. Πέρασε εφτά χρόνια στο δρόμο, ταξιδεύοντας ως κιθαρίστας και τραγουδιστής παίζοντας στις ΗΠΑ και άλλες χώρες. Σ’αυτό το διάστημα, παρήγαγε και ηχογράφησε ένα δίσκο με τον τίτλο Offering, στον οποίο συμμετείχαν διάφοροι γνωστοί μουσικοί από τη Τζαμάικα, όπως ο Sugar Minott, οι Meditations και ο Don Carlos, τραγουδώντας πάνω από τη μουσική του. Ο δίσκος επίσης περιείχε το πρώτο του solo κομμάτι. Ο δίσκος ηχογραφήθηκε κυρίως στη Τζαμάικα με τον αείμνηστο Augustus Pablo, καθώς και άλλους σπουδαίους μουσικούς του νησιού.

Συνέχισε με διάφορες δουλειές ως κιθαρίστας, μπασίστας και συνθέτης (Έχει συνθέσει κομμάτια μαζί με τους παγκόσμια γνωστούς παραγωγούς Thievery Corporation, αλλά και άλλα σχήματα). Το 2008, κυκλοφόρησε το πρώτο του άλμπουμ, Time to Rise, το οποίο τον οδήγησε στην ίδρυση της ανεξάρτητης δισκογραφικής εταιρείας, Honest Music. Ο επόμενος του δίσκος, Under the Sun, κυκλοφόρησε φυσικά από την Honest Music.

Το νέο album λέγεται Long Road και είναι ήδη μεγάλη επιτυχία στην Αμερική και τη Reggae σκηνή γενικότερα.

“Η μουσική είναι ένα δώρο,” λέει ο Χρήστος. “Όταν τη μοιραζόμαστε, πρέπει να λογαριάζουμε το πως θα επηρεάσει τους άλλους. Γι’ αυτό φτιάχνω ειλικρινή μουσική”.

Η μετάφραση στα ελληνικά και η επιμέλεια έγινε από rootsnwingz.

Edited and translated from into Greek by rootsnwingz.

Christos DC featuring Kenyatta Hill – “Talk to Me” (Official Music Video 2014)

The Washington D.C. based Greek American Christos DC, aka Christopher Vrenios, and Jamaican Kenyatta Hill, son of legendary singer Joseph Hill of the reggae group Culture, present the first single and music video off Christo’s new 2014 album, “Long Road”. Christos DC is an up-and-coming reggae artist and CEO at Honest Music; a multi-instrumentalist with a beautiful voice. The message is simple and very relevant considering today’s smartphone and social media obsession: we have to talk more to each other. Great music and lyrics by both artists, much respect to the Greek and African diaspora for keeping it real!

“…born and raised in Washington, D.C. by parents who sang opera and taught voice professionally. He takes his name from his Greek heritage using a nickname given to him by his grandmother & also to represent his birthplace that set the tone of his musical journey.
His sound is best described as a blend of Downtempo, Reggae with overtones of jazz”.
Read Christos DC’s impressive bio here:

Honest Music Productions. Cinematics by ViZionCreative.

“Medical Marijuana Card” – Macka B (Official Music Video)

A Herbies Seed Videos production, this animated music video is inspired by Macka B’s real life experience in the USA, when he was pulled over with a friend in California, who actually had a medical marijuana card. Upon his return to the UK, he joined producer Chris Peckings to create the song. First released in 2012, it was released again as a single in 2014 since it was very relevant considering the policy changes taking place recently. The animation is clever and funny; a singularly entertaining reggae music video. Witty, but not a joke. A serious thing…

Midnite ride tru in December

New Album by Midnite in December!

Album Cover
Album Cover

Midnite – Ride Tru
CD / DIGITAL RELEASE [I Grade Records]
Release date: 12/2/2014

01. Calm The Day
02. To Them
03. To Ge Da
04. Restore
05. Credited
06. Conquering Lion
07. Voices of The Remnancy
08. Haile Selassie I The First Time
09. Arise Again
10. I Beseech Jah feat. Pressure
11. Worry Free
12. How I & I Carry On
13. Ride Tru



VI reggae trailblazers Midnite is back with yet another album with acclaimed U.S. production trio Zion I KingsZion High Productions, I Grade Records and Lustre Kings.

Midnite is known for being prolific and I believe the upcoming Ride Tru album will be their third in 2014 and the second with Zion I Kings. They worked together on Beauty for the Ashes, which was released about ten months ago.

Ride Tru drops in December and you can check its initial single Credited below.

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“Jungle” by Janine “Jah9” Cunningham

Jah9 is one of Jamaica’s top female reggae artists today, characterized by her always conscious and inspiring lyrics and, of course, her beautiful, powerful voice.  This is the official video to the track “Jungle” off her debut album, “New Name”.  The piece, my personal favourite, highlights life’s unfair hardships, corruption, contemporary social conflicts and problems, never giving up, securing the youth’s future and education as the solution.  The message is universal and oh so inspiring.  A big tune to help us move forward in this time. The video, directed by El & Sameel Kush-I, is particularly well made.  Realistic, beautiful, vivid and emotion/thought provoking.  Give thanks to all those involved in this project for delivering such a motivational message.  A lot more greatness can be expected to come by Jah9 in the upcoming years.  Note the quote at the end of the video…

Vintage Videos of the band Midnite, live in the early 1990’s!

These 4 amazing videos are a historic record of the band’s humble first steps in North Carolina and DC circa 1995. The extremely rare footage,  recorded by Yishmael & Hailemah Solomon, features talented brothers Vaughn and Ronald Benjamin performing with some of the band’s former members.   Ron, who is the band’s current bassist,  is impressive on the keyboards and vocals while Vaughn’s energy  is youthful, positive and very powerful.  A must watch for all Midnite and roots reggae fans. Audio and video quality is not perfect, but still highly enjoyable!