“Riddimguide” – The Essential Tool for Reggae Enthusiasts

riddimguideI discovered this handy website a few years back, and it has since become indispensable. riddimguide.com is the world’s largest music database for Reggae music and is a must for anyone with an interest or involvement in the genre.

Riddimguide effectively provides information such as artist, record label, producer and release year for (at the moment of posting) 57793 songs and discographies for 5905 artists, 4867 riddims and 2555 record labels. Just search for the song, artist, riddim name or record label and Riddimguide instantly shows you all the relevant results.  This is ideal if you listen to a song and know the riddim but don’t know the song’s title or artist.  For example, a search on Riddimguide for the “Real Rock” riddim will result in an alphabetical list of all versions of the riddim, with artist, song, year of release and record label info.  I find this to be a unique and amazingly useful feature.  Reversely, one can search for the song title and find out the riddim, artist, year of release and record label, as well as all other songs on the same riddim!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.42.14 AMCheck it out now at: www.riddimguide.com