2 Brand New Original & Amazing Reggae Music Videos recommended by rootsnwingz

These two excellent videos were an impressive and wonderful way for Midnite and Chronixx with Inner Circle to kick off 2015.  Roots & Culture Everytime!

Midnite x I Grade – “Credited” (Official Music Video January 2015 – Directed By Royal Ras Productions)

The music video for “Credited”, off Midnite’s new I-Grade produced album, “Ride Tru”, was filmed at Mount Victory Camp, St. Croix and was directed by Birhan Tonge of Royal Ras Productions, a NYC-based film company that has previously collaborated on film projects with both Buss Pipe Records and I Grade Records. The innovative music video for “Credited” utilizes the original artwork created at the scene of the filming by artists Marcus Wilson and Omar Boothman. Marcus Wilson is the official Midnite artist who has painted the vast majority of Midnite’s 52 album covers.

“Credited” (V. Benjamin, L. Alfred, D. Goldfine)
Lyrics and vocal melodies by Vaughn Andre Benjamin (BMI)
Song Produced by: Zion I Kings
Drums, Percussion: Lloyd “Junior” Richards
Bass, Percussion: David “JAH David” Goldfine
Keyboards, Melodica & Guitars: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred
Lead Guitar: Padraic Coursey
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred at Aqua Sounds Studio, STX

Credited Music Video
Directed, filmed & edited by: Birhan Tonge
Additional camera work by: Ajani Clunie, Josiah Winans
& Paul Cusin
Original artwork: by Marcus Wilson & Omar Boothman
Produced by: Royal Ras Productions & I Grade Records

Inner Circle featuring Chronixx & Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard / News Carryin’ Dread [Full Movie Version](January 2015)

Video directed by Gil Green & Damian Fyffe
Label: Soundbwoy Entertainment


How to Make the Perfect Authentic Traditional Greek Coffee

      greekcoffeeThings you will need:

      • One flidzáni, i.e. a demitasse or small coffee cup (60-90 mL)
      • One briki (aka ibrik, cezve), i.e. a small metal coffee pot
      • Cold water
      • High quality Greek freshly ground coffee
      • A gas stove or a portable camping gas stove
      • Sugar (optional)


      1. Fill the flidzáni with cold water and pour the measured amount into the briki.
      2. If you want to add sugar, place briki with water over gas stove on low heat and add it now (1/4 – 1 teaspoon), stirring constantly until dissolved. Remove from heat. Skip this step if you like your coffee black.
      3. Add one heaping teaspoon of the freshly ground Greek coffee and mix until no lumps are visible, but not too much.
      4. Return to low heat on the gas stove.
      5. Heat gently until a ring of foam (known as the kaimaki) forms on the surface.
      6. Remove immediately from heat and allow to cool for a second. Place back on stove and remove immediately. Repeat this step one more time.
      7. Make sure you remove the briki from the heat before the foam ring closes completely. Pour slowly into flidzáni and serve with homemade cookies or spoon sweets (glykó tou koutalioú) and a glass of cold water.
      8. Enjoy!


    • Do not drink the sandy coffee grounds at the bottom of your flidzáni!
    • Do not stir coffee while heating, as this will inhibit the kaimaki from forming!

Joseph Hill, Culture interview, West Indian World Newspaper, 1982

Yesterday I wrote a bit on Joseph “Culture” Hill and his son Kenyatta. Here’s an awesome, rare interview with Joseph Hill in 1982 I just found on the midnightraver blog!

Midnight Raver

Give thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Peter van Arnhem for this most crucial contribution.

The article finds Joseph Hill in London in September 1982. Joseph talks about the split in the group, about the death of Bob Marley, about the song “Tribute to the O.M.” (album Lion Rock) and about Rasta.

After the album Lion Rock 4 years went by before Joseph Hill reunited with original members Kenneth Dayes and Albert Walker and recorded the album Çulture in Culture.

culture article

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Kenyatta Hill – Afrikan (Official Music Video 2014)

Kenyatta Hill is the son of the late legendary Jamaican roots reggae singer Joseph “Culture” Hill, who is known primarily for his work with the band Culture in the 70s and 80s. This is one of my favourite tracks off Kenyatta’s new LP “Riddim of Life”. His voice resembles his father’s, who must have been a huge influence on him, as he was and still is to so many people. All in all, a great new artist with a powerful message in his music. The video, shot in Jamaica, is very well made and is full of beautiful cultural scenes. from Kenyatta singing on the beach to food, music, sports, art, nature and, of course, the people.

An Honest Music Production. Visuals by DUB AFRICA.
http://www.honestmusicdc.com http://www.dubafrica.com