“Getting to Zero” – No-Maddz with EveForLife and the UN Joint Team on AIDS (New Official Music Video December 2014)

aidsJamaican reggae band and dub poetry group “No-Maddz” present their brand new official music video “Getting to Zero”, directed by Kurt Wright.  A groovy riddim and powerful, touching and educational message on AIDS discrimination in Jamaica and the rest of the world.  A great positive video, released today, World Aids Day, to accompany a great song.  Respect to the youths of No-Maddz for contributing to another important cause by effectively raising awareness and by educating on the social seriousness and reality of AIDS and its prevention.  Watch the music video now and share the good vibes now:

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rootsnwingz presents new artists: Eli-Mac

Hawaiian Filipino singer Eli-Mac, aka Ciara-Camile Roque Velasco, released her debut reggae album “DubStop EP” last month. All five tracks are great thanks to Eli-Mac’s singular voice and the top-notch production by Live Animaux (J Boog, The Green, etc). I love her work so far and look forward to see what this artist has in store for us in the future!

Watch the awesome explicit official music video of “Dub Stop”, the first single off the EP:

Also, here’s her amazing collaboration with Japanese reggae singer, song writer, producer, club DJ and owner of an independent music label, Likkle Mai. Also off Eli-Mac’s new album, the track is entitled “Young Soul Rebels” and is a truly original dub reggae tune. A big tune all around, two unique female voices, a positive, uplifting message and some real heavy dub sounds from producers. I listen to this one on repeat. “Keep the keiki (meaning youth in Hawaiian) strong!”

Finally, here’s one of Eli-Mac’s first singles, “Guava Jelly”, a cover of Bob Marley’s hit. Produced in Jamaica by Stephen Marley, who also does some toasting on the track!

Check out more videos and tunes by Eli-Mac on her official YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCPemfdVe6KYE2lMcZ0-Dg.

N.A.S.A. – “Money” (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, & Z-Trip) (Official Music Video)

Amazing animation music video. A successful fusion of Reggae, Hip Hop, Funk and Brazilian sound by an all star collective of musicians. Both the music and video are guaranteed to blow your mind! N.A.S.A. never fails to create timeless music with an message against corruption and injustice. No surprise that 6 years after its release, this track is still hot and original… Brace yourself for a quite trippy audiovisual experience!

© 2008 Spectrophonic Sound under license to Anti- Records

Art by Shepard Fairey
Directors: Syd Garon & Paul Griswold
Producer: Susan Applegate

N.A.S.A.’s debut album “The Spirit of Apollo” hit the shelves 2/17/09 on Anti-/Spectrophonic Sound.

“Ο Στρατής” – Κώστας Χατζής / “Stratis” – Kostas Hatzis

Μουσική: Κώστας Χατζής, Στίχοι: Σώτια Τσώτου
Music: Kostas Hatzis, Lyrics: Sotia Tsotou

Τα νιάτα του έφαγε ο Στρατής στα ναυπηγεία ολημερίς
Φτιάχνει τα πιο γερά σκαριά, να παν οι άλλοι μακριά
Να ταξιδέψουνε τη γη, οι τυχεροί, οι τυχεροί!

Τ’αποβραδό στο καπηλειό με τον Γιωργή τον παραγιό
Λένε για χώρες μακρινές, που δεν τις είδανε ποτές
Ζηλεύουνε τους ναυτικούς, τους τυχερούς, τους τυχερούς!

Όταν πεθάνω, βρε Γιωργή, όταν σαλπάρω από τη γη
Βάλε στη κάσα μου πανιά, βάλε της άλμπουρα, σκοινιά
Πες πως ταξίδεψε κι αυτός, ο τυχερός, ο τυχερός!

“Jungle” by Janine “Jah9” Cunningham

Jah9 is one of Jamaica’s top female reggae artists today, characterized by her always conscious and inspiring lyrics and, of course, her beautiful, powerful voice.  This is the official video to the track “Jungle” off her debut album, “New Name”.  The piece, my personal favourite, highlights life’s unfair hardships, corruption, contemporary social conflicts and problems, never giving up, securing the youth’s future and education as the solution.  The message is universal and oh so inspiring.  A big tune to help us move forward in this time. The video, directed by El & Sameel Kush-I, is particularly well made.  Realistic, beautiful, vivid and emotion/thought provoking.  Give thanks to all those involved in this project for delivering such a motivational message.  A lot more greatness can be expected to come by Jah9 in the upcoming years.  Note the quote at the end of the video…