Hilarious Elevator Hotbox GIF

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“Drugs World” Visual Venn Diagram


Accurate Venn diagram showing and categorizing natural and chemical drugs according to their effects and uses. The simple and self-explanatory design by David McCandless successfully depicts each drug in terms of its effects as a depressant, hallucinogen, stimulant and anti-psychotic. Thus emerges a clear image of the nature of drugs and their effects / uses. I won’t say much more, except look at where cannabis lies on the diagram… How much more in our face could the truth be??!! Could it be that nature provided us with a medicine that is superior to pharmaceuticals? Nah, it couldn’t, could it? 😉

*For those who still don’t get it, the diagram conclusively shows cannabis as the only drug with active ingredients that can cause depressive, hallucinogenic, stimulant and anti-psychotic effects (all 4 types of psychoactive effects). Its medicinal benefits and superiority to pills become evident when we consider the range of uses the plant could therefore have. Moreover, this brings to question the necessity for synthetic pharmaceuticals even existing, when there already is a drug found in nature that covers the entire spectrum of psychoactive effects. What a threat to these corporations’ current profits it would be if there was a scientific consensus on cannabis…

Legalize it!

“Medical Marijuana Card” – Macka B (Official Music Video)

A Herbies Seed Videos production, this animated music video is inspired by Macka B’s real life experience in the USA, when he was pulled over with a friend in California, who actually had a medical marijuana card. Upon his return to the UK, he joined producer Chris Peckings to create the song. First released in 2012, it was released again as a single in 2014 since it was very relevant considering the policy changes taking place recently. The animation is clever and funny; a singularly entertaining reggae music video. Witty, but not a joke. A serious thing…

Did you know? (8 amazing facts about hemp)

  1. Hemp seeds provide more high quality protein, fiber and healthy compounds than any of the other millions of plants on earth!
  2. Hemp is an excellent material for insulating homes and other buildings, eliminating the need for fiberglass!
  3. It can take as long as twenty years for a tree to mature for harvest.  Hemp can be harvested after growing for only four months!
  4. Fabric made from hemp is stronger, warmer, more absorbent and resists mildew better than cotton!
  5. Hemp oil is one of the best sources of the good fat known as poly-unsaturated fatty acids!
  6. Hemp plants are immune to most plant diseases and insects so they can be grown with far less herbicides or pesticides than conventional crops!
  7. Hemp can be used to make ethanol to power gasoline engines, as well as oil for diesel engines!
  8. Hemp plants “eat” radiation, one of the leading causes of cancer and thyroid disease! Hemp has the ability of eliminating radioactive toxins from the soil!


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